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Rafael Wilker Amaral Pereira

Rafael began his dance career in 2009. Over the years, he pursued different rhythms such as: Samba, Bolero, Zouk, WCS, Bachata, Tango and Salsa -  to add techniques to his dance and enrich his specialty: Forró! 

At Pé Descalço, one of the most renowned forró schools in the world, Rafael played the following roles: 

  • student; 

  • teacher; 

  • choreographer; 

  • dancer; 

  • examinee; 

  • examiner. 

He earned all graduation necklaces, as both a lead and a follow. 



Always considering his responsibility as a disseminator of knowledge, he felt that it was time for a new step and in 2019 he also started his solo project: Forró com o Wilker!

Rafael has built a reputation for bringing technical knowledge and clarity to dance: novelty, cleanliness, fluency, figures, movements that explore dynamism and the senses. He also stood out for his musicality and improvisation. He values classes that are always lively and fun, and most importantly, he brings content in her dance, not only as leisure, but as something bigger, stronger, that heals, rejoices and changes lives (therapy). In his journey as a teacher, he has already held several workshops/festivals in several cities and states in Brazil, including: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Piauí, Pernambuco, Bahia and, of course, Minas Gerais!

In addition to teaching at the main international Workshops/Festivals: 

Europe | Portugal, Germany, France, Belarus, Belgium, Switzerland,

Spain (...) 

United States | Boston, Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles,

San Diego, San Jose...

Japan | Tokyo, Hamamatsu, Gunma 

Russia | Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Siberia


Do you want to hold a Workshop in your school or city?

Promote a quality event in your city / school! Every event brings high quality instruction, methodology, and fun.

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Take a private class with Rafael Wilker, either in person or via video call!

In workshops and at festivals, classes can get crowded. Students sometimes need more individual attention.

Do you prefer individual attention? Do you feel shy? Do you have difficulties and need more time?

Book your private lesson! In person or by video call!


Do you want to start teaching, lead a dance study group, or even learn a different methodology? Mentoring is the solution for you, whether in person or online !

Many teachers pursue mentoring to improve the way they teach and plan. It makes a huge difference for a teacher to plan and study their classes before arriving at the studio.

Another highly recommended option is to organize a teaching schedule.

Want to know more? Get in touch!


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Rafael Wilker

Rafael Wilker

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