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Goiania Brazil

Luca Carvalho started ballroom dancing at the age of 12, trained in the Jaime Arôxa method, and fine-tuned his technique in dance courses across the country. At the age of 14, he started classical ballet and began to teach ballroom dance classes in small groups. In 2019, he opened his own dance school “Fly Espaço de Dança”, currently pursuing a dance career as a teacher, dancer / dancer and choreographer; baccalaureate and graduate in Physical Education.
Amanda Rios started dancing classical ballet at the age of 4. At 14, she started ballroom dancing, where she graduated in the Jaime Arôxa method and participated in several dance courses and choreographic shows across the country. She graduated in Law and holds a career as a teacher, dancer, and ballerina.
Luca and Amanda have been dance partners since 2015, are specialists in Bachata, Samba and Zouk and have taught in several cities / states such as Goiânia, Rio Verde, Anápolis, São Paulo, Uberlândia, Florianópolis, DF * and abroad as in Buenos Aires / ARG. They make presentations with ShowCase at events around the city, develop a private work with study groups in Goiânia and Brasília, directors of the school “Fly Espaço de Dança” and participate in several championships, among them, they became champions in: XV and XVI Dance in Caldas, entitled to the event's outstanding prize, Swing do Black Brasília edition in 2017 and Conecdansa Zouk / PR in 2018.

luca e aada


Dusseldorf, Germany

Matheus Antunes was born in Belo Horizonte, where he had his first contact with forró in 2012. Since then, he learned dance in different schools, of different styles, first in BH and later in Europe (2014/2015), where he had his first teaching experiences. After that he returned to Brazil, explored more of forró and started teaching at UFMG. Finally, in 2018, he moved again to Germany and since then he has been a teacher at Forró de Cologne.

mathus an


Lisbon, Portugal

Camila Alves is a Portuguese forró teacher residing in Lisbon.

She has been very active in the forró scene since 2012 and is known for teaching at countless festivals and events worldwide, with a focus on contemporary subjects such as the role of leaders and followers and how they can take a more feminist approach when they dance, encouraging students to dance the way they want. Her career is closely linked to the fight for rights between men and women to express themselves through dance.

Camila is part of the organizing team for multiple events, such as the Pé na Terra Festival, Maria Bonita Festival, Baião in Lisboa Festival and Forró Douro Festival, which attract hundreds of attendees to Portugal every year.

An entrepreneur by nature, she studied Business Administration with Marketing in London, where her solo career as a forró teacher began. Currently, he teaches and manages Espaço Baião, one of the largest forró schools in Europe, in Lisbon. One of the highlights of her life was having recently launched a forró online store called Xiado da Xinela Shop that sells clothes and accessories for women and men, with the motto “Be whoever you want to be on the dance floor."

Learn more about the school : Espaço Baião | @spacobaiao

Learn more about the store : Xiado da Xinela Shop | @xiadodaxinelashop

camila al


São Paulo Brazil

Erika Magno, teacher, therapist, dancer and businesswoman.
My studies in the dance world went to the side of human connections, forming me in occupational therapy and dance therapy, brought to the dance experiences a meaning other than the reproduction of movements.
I have a dance school in Santos / SP called Studio Contra-Tempo, which I manage and teach.
I have given several workshops throughout the rest of Brazil, Europe and the United States.

I truly believe that dance can be a healing tool, and I aim to spread this moving love act around the world.

erika m


Dortmund, Germany

Heitor Libânio, graduated in Administration and has a postgraduate degree in social work. In 2002, he began to study Forró and its aspects. In 2007, he started to monitor Forró Ispilicute - Brasília and also to teach private lessons. In 2011 he started to study other rhythms like zouk and samba de gafieira through classes, workshops and festivals.

In order to improve your dance; technique, balance, musicality, body expression, motor coordination etc ... took ballet and hip hop classes. He taught at the academy, he comes to dance and Caribeño in Brasília teaching Forró Pé de serra. He has a project called "Forro pelo Mundo", where he travels spreading the Forró culture through classes and videos, using it as a platform to promote his work as a choreographer from Forró. He participated in several forró festivals in the United States, London, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, France, Italy.
Today he brings his proposal to Forró where he works with musicality, balance, autonomy of the lady, sensitivity to man,
harmony, personality, creativity within the forró.
He currently lives in Dortmund, Germany, where he teaches forró and also does a new degree in dance.



Minas Gerais Brazil

Guilherme Leonel started attending forró in 2012, his life as a dancer began in 2013 in the city of Governador Valadares, with professor Iraildo Souza (known as Black, Zabumbeiro and lead singer of Estrela de Ouro at the time). to Betim / MG and started in the Pé Descalço Betim project and soon after started to visit several other units. He became a teacher in 2017 and graduated from the last level of the school in 2018 (red). He participated in some workshops through the network and has given events in DF, ES, SP and RJ independently.
Nowadays Guilherme Leonel continues teaching at a school called Stillus (Belo Horizonte, Barreiro Region), with the idea of applying his knowledge in a fun and relaxed way for all his students



Minas Gerais Brazil

Ballroom dance teacher since 2005, she started to specialize in forró in 2010, having today as her specialty several styles such as university, small, cocoa, cocoa mash, waltz and waltz.
She has participated in several congresses, workshops and presentations as a teacher, dancer and choreographer.

Luis Fernando
Acting in ballroom dancing for 8 years, and with a main focus on forró in some styles such as: miudinho, miudinho double, waltz, waltz, walnut cocoa, knead cocoa and forró university, besides having participated in several congresses, also working with bachata and tecnobrega, teaching group classes in Uberlândia-MG.

jana e luis


Rio de janeiro Brazil

Yse is responsible for conducting forró workshops, regular private and collective classes for beginners and advanced dancers throughout Brazil and the world. Yse's classes are unique, as she is able to emphasize the roles of leaders and followers. Guide followers to dance very smoothly, with the correct posture and avoiding bad habits acquired. Leaders are encouraged to improve their techniques by working on important details and the precision of the movements that will make the dance flow.
Born in Florianópolis, Brazil, she danced in several well-known dance academies, such as: Edson Nunes and Passo a Passo. He moved to Rio de Janeiro in 2013, where he still lives. In 2010, he began to study a unique style of forró, called Roots, characterized by “sacadas”, dance steps from samba, bolero and tango, specific postural movements and giros.
Yse participated in four European tours (2017/2018/2019) in many important forró festivals, such as: Algarve, Berlin, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Lausanne, Lisbon, London, Munich, Rome, Oslo, Turin, Amsterdam, Porto, Bern , Paris, Brighton, Novosibirsk, Lille, Edinburgh, Weggis among others.
Recently (2019), he participated in Forró Fest USA, in Boston Massachusets, in the United States.
It is very likely that you will meet Yse if you go to the main forró festivals in Brazil (Nata Forrozeira, Rootstock), as she is known as one of the first women to spread this style throughout Brazil.

yse goes


Bahia Brazil

Hello, I am Felipe Abreu, I am 29 years old, I live in the city of Salvador-BA, I dance Forró since I was 15 years old, I learned at school that I studied as a teenager, at 16 I already taught private lessons and at 17 I started teaching in group.

For 5 years I was part of this group in Salvador, I opened my own Forró gym called Essência, it will be 6 years old in August 2020.

I am studying the 6 semester of the Dance course at UFBA, I have been working for 6 years with groups of elderly people with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

In April 2019 I gave workshops in Chile, I did a 5 month tour outside Brazil starting in September participating in Forrofest USA in Boston, I spent 18 days in Israel giving workshops, October I spent a week in Siberia and one week in Moscow in Russia teaching and from the end of october to mid january i was in more than 10 different countries in Europe, i am also always traveling around Brazil teaching classes mainly in the Southeast.

I am very happy to work with what I love being able to meet places, people and taking with all the knowledge that I have been acquiring in all these years of study and practice.

We are always learning and I believe that classes are an exchange, because with each class students show me how I can be a better teacher, teaching is one of my greatest passions.

felipe a
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Lausanne, Switzerland

Born in Braga, Portugal, Sérgio Viana has been in the dance world for over 10 years. After starting with European folk dances, he moved to Switzerland, where he also learned salsa, tango, ballroom dancing and capoeira before falling in love with Forró in 2012.
He started in 2013 teaching Brazilian Dances to a small group and, in 2014, he endeavored to perfect Forró. Learning from several teachers, focusing on dance and teaching methods, he grew up as a dancer as well as a teacher.
In 2015, he co-created the Associação Forró de Lausanne, where he organizes monthly parties. He also created the NoPé dance school, where he developed his own methodology and, together with a team of teachers, gives several weekly classes to a growing community of forrozeiros, focused on connection and musicality, as a means of enjoying dance of couples. As a result of his work and the constant search for improvements, Sérgio traveled mainly in Europe, but also in Brazil and Australia and was invited to teach at some of the main festivals and schools.
In the classroom, Sérgio brings his own mix of analytical perception, musician insight and fun attitude to create an engaging and safe learning space, adapted to the students' skills.

sergio v


Bahia Brazil

Dancing since the age of 7, and dancing forró since 2014. In 2017, at the age of 21, I sought greater technical and theoretical training and became a forró teacher, realizing the dream of living in dance! I am a psychologist by training, I love arts in general. I see dance as a possibility for self-knowledge, self-love, and self-acceptance. My main goal is to convey to the students that we can be ourselves, and with great happiness, while we are dancing, especially for women! I have already taught at major festivals, such as Fenfit (National Festival of Forró de Itaúnas) and I am available for contact at +55 (77) 99196-1646.

clara g


Minas Gerais Brazil

Gabi is a dancer and teacher with a focus on zouk and ladies style techniques. Mineira de Uberlândia, regularly teaches Heels classes (solo dance in jumping, also known as Stiletto), stretching and studying zouk in a more urban and stylized concept with his partner Ricardo Carvalho. He is also part of the organization team of UaiZouk, one of the largest zouk congresses in Brazil.
Gabi started in the ballroom dance, going through all the rhythms and, over time, started to go to zouk. Always studying other modalities in parallel to add to the dance for two: jazz, contemporary, street dance, heels and jazz funk. In your city, you have already taught classes in federal university projects, dance schools and academies, nowadays, your classes are exclusively in your own studio. She participated as a teacher in workshops, giving classes and giving presentations in some cities in Brazil and also in Europe, taking zouk to two and ladies' techniques wherever she went.

gabi pers


Bahia Brazil

I'm Marcos Affonso, dance teacher, from Bahia, Brazilian and raised in Salvador. It was in this city
loaded with cultural diversity that I had contact with dance since childhood. However, I started
my professionalization at the age of 22 when I started to invest in a series of training courses, with
emphasis on forró, popular and social Cuban dances (with studies in Havana), samba de
gafieira and tango. In 2010 I graduated in dance from the Federal University of Bahia.

I teach roots forró and university forró. I also highlight
my researches regarding musicality, connection with the
other and new possibilities of movements that go from creation
spontaneous to the interrelation of forró with other dances.
In 2018 I went to Europe twice and spent several months giving
regular classes and at important festivals like Italy Roots.
I taught in Italy, Germany and Switzerland, in cities like Rome, Torino,
Milan, Genoa, Firenze, Naples, Pisa, Munich, Freiburg and Lausanne.
At the beginning of 2019, I gave forró and samba de gafieira workshops in
Montevideo, Uruguay.

marcos afon


Minas Gerais Brazil

Physiotherapist graduated more than 10 years ago, dance teacher for 2 years, my focus being on Forró Pé de Serra, one of the founders of the Forró Por Aí project. Where today I teach classes and bring teachers from all over Brazil to teach Forró classes in Juiz De Fora / MG.


Today I am studying and developing a project with a Physical Education professional, to create training and rehabilitation methodologies aimed at Forrozeiros to endure dance routines.





Forró Por Aí



Rio de janeiro Brazil

Andrea is from Rio de Janeiro, full of ideas, revolutionary of the taboos of dance for two. For the past 5 years, she has been producing the biggest zouk in Rio today, Zouk no Cib, which receives about 300 people every two weeks. There is a project called Zouk das Minas also in Rio de Janeiro, with different and themed parties. A few months ago he started playing at parties, studying the dance floor and adding to the scene as a DJ.
He uses his media to talk about dance behaviors and how much they reflect our behavior in life. Speaks about controversial issues and taboos in a clean and accessible way.
He travels presenting competitions and shows at congresses as an MC and also mediating conversation circles with necessary (and sometimes controversial) subjects to improve the social track.

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Lyon, France

Paulistana "da gema" Marilia is a dancer, teacher and choreographer of Ballroom Dancing, with Forró as her main work.

He has already won the Brazilian Forró Championship in 2008, awards at national and international festivals. She has worked in several countries around the world, participated in TV programs and in the main ballroom dance congresses in Brazil. In 2015 and 2016 she won the title of best forró teacher (Baila Mundo Trophy). Her experience with ballroom dancing and research on Brazilian dances led her to build a more diverse and multicultural forró, without prejudice, since in her opinion forró is one of the dances in which we can most express our individuality and creativity, as well as having a infinity of movements that allows women to express their essence and charm as they wish. Sheila Santos has not only as her inspiration, but as a teacher with whom she continues to study. Marilia has already participated in the CCDS of professor Cristóvão Christianis, CARDAS, Jaime Aroxa teachers course among others.

He currently lives in Lyon-France where he develops the forró scene with the association "Forró em Lyon", being his teacher, partner and member.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Facebook : Marilia Cervi Forró



Brussels Belgium

Sarah fell in love with forró while living in Milan and she hasn’t looked back since. She has travelled all over Europe and to Brazil to learn with different teachers. Building on her experience in sports and language education, Sarah launched and started to teach classes in Brussels in 2014, and now teaches regular classes across five different levels as well as weekly concept-based workshops.

Sarah believes that, above all, forró is about connection, fun and community. Her classes emphasise the importance of presence, connection with our partner, and musicality.

Sarah has worked closely and performed with Ricardo Ambrózio, gaining crucial insights into the technical and creative aspects of dance and developing her own style and approach. She has also studied and taught with many other teachers, broadening her horizons and understanding of dance. Since 2016 she has been teaching individually at events in Belgium, across Europe and in Brazil.

Together with Emilie Gasia, Sarah now organises a twice-yearly “Encontro” for forró teachers to share good practices and exchange ideas. She is also one of the founders of the Be Forró association in Brussels, working to serve the growing forró community in the city. Sarah has co-organised four successful editions of the festival Ai Que Bom Brussels with Thiago Lima, and Ricardo and Martina Ambrózio.

Email : clique aqui

Website : clique aqui



Minas Gerais Brazil

Milena Morais started her story with new art. She studied at a school that values ​​this side of learning a lot, so during his childhood and adolescence he had a lot of contact with, for example, theater, music, drawing. He started dancing forró in 2008, at the age of 12, for a performance at his school's June party. Then, at the age of 13, she started taking classes at the Pé Descalço forró school in Belo Horizonte and in October 2012 she won the red necklace, the last level of the school. Soon after, in January 2013, she started teaching at the parent unit, where she was also a director for 4 years. He taught for 2 years at the Cidade Jardim unit, was part of the school's presentation group for 5 years and the examiner group for 7 years. He also dances samba de gafieira and has dedicated himself more to zouk, participating in congresses and taking classes with several professionals. In addition, he did pole dance for 1 year and since 2016 he has also studied and dedicated himself to the roots forró style. He has already participated in a teacher course taught by Jaime Arôxa, a pole dance teacher course taught by Grazi Brugner and he has already taught a teacher course by Pé Descalço. Since 2015 he travels the world participating in forró festivals and teaching in different places. In 2017 he made his first tour of Europe, which was repeated in 2018 and in 2019 he made two tours through the old continent, the first being 3 months and the second teaching classes alone. He also made his first tour through the United States and in all he has already been in 15 countries outside Brazil and in 15 cities within the country taking a little bit of forró and his experience! Currently lives in Belo Horizonte and develops his independent work, with private classes and workshops around the world!

Youtube: Milena Morais



Minas Gerais Brazil

Graduated in Physical Education (2014) and Master of Science (2016), both from the University
Federal de Uberlândia - UFU, dedicated to the study of human anatomy and biomechanics of
human movement, aiming at optimizing and improving efficiency in sports gestures,
theme of his master's dissertation.
She currently works as a Pilates instructor and is a personal trainer. Its focus is
provide health, quality of life and, consequently, the improvement of body aesthetics
of your students. Believes that physical exercise is the basis for maintaining health and
improvement of body techniques and gestures, as in sports and dance.
He has experience in the field of dance, as a scholarship holder and dancer at Cia Inovadança (2014-2016),
dancer from Cia Refração (2015-2019) and dance partnership with Eberton Pontes (2015-2016).
He participated in several congresses and dance shows as a dancer and choreographer. He has been part of the UAIZOUK congress organization team since 2015.

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Dusseldorf, Germany

Diana Richter, born and raised in Düsseldorf-Germany, has been dancing passionately since she was three years old. Professional dancer, teacher and choreographer, she has been teaching Contemporary Dance, Hiphop, Elementary Dance, among other styles for more than 13 years.


For many years he practiced Ballet, was a Cheerleader and participated in many competitions.


In 2015 she became a dancer and choreographer for a dance theater group that has produced successful performances in recent years.


Diana studies the Sports and Dance course at the University of Cologne and in three years completed a Dance Education.


Forró entered his life in 2015 and it was passion at first sight. Since the beginning of 2017, she has been teaching Forró and Ladystyling classes in Düsseldorf and at national and international festivals. She also dances Zouk and Samba de Gafieira.

Because her love and passion for dance is so inspiring and important, it is also an honor for her to share her knowledge with others.

YouTube: Diana Richter Forró



Minas Gerais Brazil

Clinical psychologist for six years. Coordinator of CETEPO Brasil. Line of action: post rationalist cognitive therapy.
Co-founder of the forró project around.

monica c
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Berlin, Germany

Original from Salvador / Bahia and graduated in physical education at UFBA, Tau Macedo, who now lives in Berlin) Germany, began his journey in 2009 with the ForroZeando group, where he learned the university style and after some time became part of the team as a monitor and then teacher.
In 2014 he founded the Forró Classe A group, where he remained until his move to Germany.
In the meantime, he met and learned the roots style.
Tau Macedo is well known for his musicality, in dance and in classes. In addition to being a teacher, he is also a percussionist musician (zabumba, triangle and tambourine) and has played with great names in the forró pé de serra circuit.



Brasilia Brazil

My first love was theater and at 18 I started dancing. I started without commitment and I kept going and dancing until I was 22 years old.
Finally at 22 I insisted and started to get well. With a year of dancing I was already making my first money with forró roots and samba de gafieira and a year and a half later I started to have my space. That was when I had the crazy idea of living in a dance and I went for it.
With a time of dance I was invited to teach in another city and in that period I realized that I was on the right path and since then that has been my passion, I have dedicated myself to other rhythms and the choreographic process and I have dedicated myself to dance.

leandro ilker
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São Paulo Brazil

Luan Correia (22 years old) - Adriana Gomes (23 years old)
The couple started their professional work in 2012. Addressing the idea of being complete in dance, they held Workshops of the most varied styles and today they have knowledge in countless concepts of ballroom dancing and techniques of personal development to improve dance and art as a whole.
They are trained as Coaches and Trainers of Emotional Intelligence by IBMLeader, having as Head Trainer, Marcelo Leeman.
Both direct projects that develop individual dance with emotional intelligence, such as Men in action by Luan Correia and Mulhere-se, a female project designed to be a complete lady of Adriana Gomes.
Main works
• 2014 - They obtained their 1st title as partners. The Battle Zouk Day, carried out by Solum (Acade
dance), where Brazilian champions of Style were consecrated.
• 2015 - They won their second title, now as Mestre sala and Porta Bandeira of the school of
samba, Império da Baixada, Carnival Champion of Praia Grande.
• 2016 - They became the First champions, in the Ballroom Dance category, of the Regional Festival of
Dance of the Baixada Santista, Fesadan.

luan e adriana

◦ 2016 - They began to act as teachers, in one of the Largest Zouk Congresses in the State of São Paulo, Zouk Day.
• 2017 - They became two-time champions, in the Ballroom Dance category, of the Baixada Santista Regional Dance Festival, Fesadan.
◦ Taught classes at the biggest ballroom dance event in Brazil, Baila Costão
◦ They also won second place in the Brasil Zouk Open Championship, held at the Carioca Club, organized by Philip Miha.
◦ Taught class at Buenos Aires Dance Congress
◦ Became World Champions of Lambazouk, at the Buenos Aires Dance Congress, held in Argentina!
• 2018 - Two-time Brazilian champions in the Latin Dance category, in the ALL Dance Brazil Championship.
• 2019 - Taught workshops at Europa the Prague Congress, one of the largest congresses in Europe, held in the city of Prague, Czech Republic.
They were Brazilian ZOUK Champions, in the traditional “Casa du Zouk” championship
◦ They started yet another challenge, the creation of musicals, directing and presenting their first play, the Musical 'The Journey of the Hero'.
• 2020 - They will take a tour of Europe, passing through several cities such as the Czech Republic, Vienna, Croatia, Russia, Ireland and more.
. They became two-time Lambada World Champions at the Lambachata event, held in São Luis do Maranhão

We are a family owned and operated business.

Telegram exclusive group

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Bahia Brazil

25 years old, from Bahia, teacher of forró.
He started dancing forró as a hobby at the age of 16 in a gym, soon the hobby became
turned into unconditional love. Attending high school at Colégio Estadual
Bartolomeu de Gusmão, he spent most of his time teaching his colleagues and there he went
first stage where he performed, a choreography with all movements taken from the
Internet. At 18 he already had his own space for forró classes that he rented with the help
from a friend, 2013 the Escola de Forró CHINELEIROS was officially born.
Mardio has extensive experience and has always sought the world of forró, during his research
in 2014, he visited Itaúnas- ES, the host city of the largest forró festival in the world, there
contact with the roots style and in the same year in Belo Horizonte- MG he visited the school of
forró, Pé Descalço Project. In 2016, through close friends he discovers a selective
to study Dance at FUNCEB, among so many dancers from all over the state he is successful and
he studied for a year and a half, having contact with the universe of dance. Ballet, afro dance,
contemporary dance, modern dance, popular Brazilian dances and among other segments
who taught there.
In 2016, Mardio Costa together with Mônica Gualberto were champions of the first
forró contest at Shopping Center Lapa, where the main forró teachers from
Bahia and in 2019, winner of the Forró Maria Bonita and Lampião championship, which took place in
Itaúnas Festival once and for all stamping a space in the grid of teachers in 2020.
Forró around the world, in 2017 through the organization of Forró London Mardio receives the invitation
to make his first tour of Europe and in March 2018 we toured Europe for a
month and fifteen days, ending the tour with 7 countries, 14 cities, 2 festivals. It didn't take long
a lot, in the same year I had already closed the 2019 tour, starting in March this time 3 months,
ending the tour with 7 countries, 24 cities and 7 festivals.
Chineleiros Escola de Forró, now 7 years old, headquartered in Lauro de Freitas-BA,
develops a work entirely focused on forró pé de serra. Including from classes,
social projects and events. Among some of these projects we had a class for seniors with
the Quality of Life group in Villa praiana, classes in public squares taking the dance and
music and we can say that we were the first juno block in Lauro de Freitas, to take to
the circuit exclusively the accordion, zabumba and triangle main instruments of forró.



São Paulo Brazil

Thamyra Miranda has a law degree, but continued her career in dance, which had her first contact with forró as a child and improved her knowledge over the years, where she developed not only the language within the Escola de Forró but also in other dances, such as ballroom and Brazilian dances, also researching in other regions of Brazil, seeking to bring a little more of the popular manifestations into their own language.

She is currently a Postgraduate in Dance with an emphasis on Art, Sport and Education, by Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas - FMU. He also perfects his dance studies for two in the Ballroom Dance Training Course for Teachers with Jaime Arôxa, popular dance courses, such as Educators Course at Instituto Brincante and Dance School of the Municipal Theater of São Paulo, as well as other activities that aim to improve their relationship with the body: Urban Dances, Theater, Musical, Contemporary, Contact and Improvisation, and also several training courses in the area of Forró and Ballroom Dancing.

She is an Owner and Teacher at Escola de Forró Pé Descalço, a unit in Canto da Ema / SP, where she teaches classes and promotes laboratories, body and social experiences for school students.

He is an assistant professor in the Brazilian Dance Course at the Brincante Institute in São Paulo.

From 2014 onwards, he taught and participated in several Workshops and Festivals of forró in order to research and promote culture in other regions of Brazil and the world, such as Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo, Santa Catarina, Belgium, France , Germany, Switzerland and Russia.

She was a judge at forró championships in Brazil, including the prestigious Copa Brasil Forró in 2015 and 2016.

In 2016, he participated in the dance group of the Terceira Category, which developed an in-depth research on scenic dance through the language of forró.
He traveled to several regions of Brazil, researching forró and popular Brazilian dances. His current focus is to continue researching and contributing to the promotion and development of dance for two and Brazilian popular culture.



Bahia Brazil

Still in childhood he started dancing through Classical Ballet and Jazz. In 2008 he started in forró, with the group Cabrueira. Over the years he studied ballroom dancing, focusing on Samba de Gafieira. He also studied at the Dance School of the Cultural Foundation of the State of Bahia - FUNCEB, experiencing Contemporary, Modern, Classical, Afro and Popular Dances. She participated as a teacher in dance events in Brazil, United States, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Holland.

mariana vi


Minas Gerais Brazil

Lucas Dumont has been practicing forró for 14 years and teaches for more than 10 years, being the main and constant experience in the barefoot style, but has knowledge in several styles of ballroom dancing, such as samba de gafieira, zouk, west coast swing, salsa, bolero, among others. He has taught since the beginning of his career as a teacher at the headquarters of the Pé Descalço school and sporadically taught in other units and schools. Today his experience involves workshops, classes and courses in different parts of Brazil (outside judge, Goiânia, Niterói, São Paulo, Teresópolis, among others) and the world (Germany, France, Spain, Russia, Portugal and Japan). He believes in dance as a harmony between the dancer, the person he is dancing with and the music.

lucas d


Siberia, Russia

Sasha (Sandro or Sunny) and Nastya are forró and samba de gafieira teachers from Novosibirsk, Russia. Sunny has been dancing forró since the beginning of 2013, and in the second half of the same year Nastya came to the dance. A year later, they began to teach forró together. And from 2016 they opened a group of samba de gafieira too. During this time, they gave a lot of classes at social dance events in Siberia, introducing and showing to everyone forró dance, made together with other schools in the city samba de gafieira events. Since 2017, they have been actively giving workshops in various cities of Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk, Arkhangelsk and other), and in 2018 they taught at the ForroaRu Festival in St. Petersburg. And in august 2019 they gave their firsts classes abroad on Nosso forró Festival in Japan. But the guys do not stop to learn - they attend almost all workshops and festivals in Russia, were at festivals in Munich (2016) and Lisbon (2017) and participated in the Spai Carioca Congress in Barcelona (2017). They try to learn other dances for better understanding their bodies and the music.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Instagram: Nastya - Sunny

Facebook: Sunny

Rudolfo and Sarah

Cologne, Germany

Rudolfo was born in Olinda, Pernambuco, Brazil. At the age of 14, his interest in Forró grew and he started to learn the typical styles of the North-Eastern region. When he was 19, he was introduced to the Forró Universitário style and started to create his own style by mixing it with his Forró Nordestino. In 2010, he moved to Cologne, Germany, where he founded the group Forró de Colônia (FdC).


In 2011, Sarah began to dance Forró at FdC and immediately fell in love with the dance, the music and the Brazilian culture in general.

Since 2015, Rudolfo and Sarah have been teaching together in Cologne and are the main organizers of the association Forró de Colônia e.V. and the annual FdC-Festivals.

They were invited to teach together at more than 20 Forró Festivals all over the world, including Europe, the United States, Canada and Japan.

They also have a broad repertoire of different Forró styles including Forró Universitário, Forró Dynamico, Forró Roots and Forró Cassino.


Besides all their experience in teaching Forró, Sarah and Rudolfo have the best references as teachers in general. Both graduated at the German Sport University Cologne and profit from their knowledge of the physiology of motor learning, teaching methods and didactics.

Facebook : Rudolfo  |  Sarah

Instagram : Rudolfo  |  Sarah

nastya sunny


Siberia, Russia

Sasha (Sandro or Sunny) and Nastya are forró and samba de gafieira teachers from Novosibirsk, Russia. Sunny has been dancing forró since the beginning of 2013, and in the second half of the same year Nastya came to the dance. A year later, they began to teach forró together. And from 2016 they opened a group of samba de gafieira too. During this time, they gave a lot of classes at social dance events in Siberia, introducing and showing to everyone forró dance, made together with other schools in the city samba de gafieira events. Since 2017, they have been actively giving workshops in various cities of Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk, Arkhangelsk and other), and in 2018 they taught at the ForroaRu Festival in St. Petersburg. And in august 2019 they gave their firsts classes abroad on Nosso forró Festival in Japan. But the guys do not stop to learn - they attend almost all workshops and festivals in Russia, were at festivals in Munich (2016) and Lisbon (2017) and participated in the Spai Carioca Congress in Barcelona (2017). They try to learn other dances for better understanding their bodies and the music.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Instagram: Nastya - Sunny

Facebook: Sunny

Rudolfo and Sarah

Cologne, Germany

Rudolfo was born in Olinda, Pernambuco, Brazil. At the age of 14, his interest in Forró grew and he started to learn the typical styles of the North-Eastern region. When he was 19, he was introduced to the Forró Universitário style and started to create his own style by mixing it with his Forró Nordestino. In 2010, he moved to Cologne, Germany, where he founded the group Forró de Colônia (FdC).


In 2011, Sarah began to dance Forró at FdC and immediately fell in love with the dance, the music and the Brazilian culture in general.

Since 2015, Rudolfo and Sarah have been teaching together in Cologne and are the main organizers of the association Forró de Colônia e.V. and the annual FdC-Festivals.

They were invited to teach together at more than 20 Forró Festivals all over the world, including Europe, the United States, Canada and Japan.

They also have a broad repertoire of different Forró styles including Forró Universitário, Forró Dynamico, Forró Roots and Forró Cassino.


Besides all their experience in teaching Forró, Sarah and Rudolfo have the best references as teachers in general. Both graduated at the German Sport University Cologne and profit from their knowledge of the physiology of motor learning, teaching methods and didactics.

Facebook : Rudolfo  |  Sarah

Instagram : Rudolfo  |  Sarah

tiago e j

James and  julinha

Cologne, Germany

Tiago & Julinha have been dancing together since 2011, but in 2014 they created the T&J teaching metrology! They specialize mainly in Brazilian Forró, Zouk and Samba dances, but they also have great experiences in several other couples and solo dances, in addition they both work as a personal trainer and this all reflects in a very well structured class, full of energy, rich in details giving focus equally to leaders and followers and all this always balanced with a lot of good humor. Tiago & Julinha are the perfect mix of Brazilian and German culture, influencing each other in the best possible way. Tiago & Julinha also do intensive work on social networks, always bringing quality content about both dance and fitness & lifestyle, to stay more informed and connected with both visit the website and don't forget to follow them on instagram




Mara Figueiredo

São Paulo Brazil

Forró teacher since 2014 at Fuá school, where she has been a partner since 2015. She has conducted several workshops and participated in major national festivals such as Nata Forrozeira, Martinha Roots and FENFIT, which is considered the largest forró festival in the world. During the pandemic, he didn't stand still, besides the national events, he also taught online workshops internationally at festivals and regular classes such as Forró New York, Forró Fest USA and Forró de Colônia. 

He also acted in major cultural festivals around the city of São Paulo as a cultural turnaround and SESC. She was invited to perform at the opening of the Copa América de Futebol in 2019, and performed on two major Brazilian television stations, Globo and TV gazeta. 

Passionate about dance since birth, she began her career in ballet where she stayed for 8 years, a period in which she also had experiences with Olympic, rhythmic and sports gymnastics. She fell in love with forró in 2012, assuming her vocation, she sought to specialize in the sport through various professional courses, studying in depth different styles of forró and developing skills as a conductor, which today considers her main function, in addition to improving her role as conducted. Today she is in her third year of Dance at Universidade Anhembi Morumbi.

Owner of a charisma that illuminates wherever she goes, careful and thoughtful, she has a loving eye for details, she developed her methodology in order to optimize learning.

Mara Figueiredo
perfil felipe.jpg

Felipe Ortega

sydney, australia

For Felipe Ortega, dance is the purest form of expression of art.
Four years ago he met more people with the same vision as him and started a project called “Let The Dance Speak” in Perth - Australia. This project, in addition to raising the flag of Forró and Samba de Gafieira on the other side of the world, aims to work dance as a conversation between two people, working with empathy through steps and concepts.
Felipe has taught Forró classes in 4 countries and is now here to

share some of their knowledge with you.

Felip ortega

Daniela Dias and Igor Aguiar

Rio de janeiro Brazil

Daniela Dias is from Rio de Janeiro, she met forró when she was a teenager and fell in love since then, but it was in 2014 that she joined the team at Escola Carioca de Dança studying various styles of ballroom dancing with the main focus of study forró. In mid-2016 he began to teach classes at the School and at the end of 2017 he moved to Europe, where he participated in various festivals and Workshops, in addition to assisting the classes of several renowned teachers in the field. Upon returning, she returned to her original school, teaching in regular classes, in addition to that she was a Professor in the Comunidança project at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro during 2019. Throughout her career she taught classes at festivals and workshops in Brazil and in Europe. He is currently an assistant at Escola Carioca de Dança and a teacher at Grupo + Forró - RJ, in addition to teaching in regular classes with his partner Igor Aguiar.


Igor Aguiar began his career in Ballroom Dancing at the Escola de Danças João Piccoli where, after 2 years, he began to teach classes at the same school. In addition, he participated in presentations in the most different salons in Rio, Lapa 40º and former Hard Rock Café for example. In these years of practice, he experimented with the most different styles of dance for two (Samba, bolero, salsa, zouk, etc.), but it was forró that he was enchanted. Thus, he invested his time in classes, such as congresses and workshops (Ex .: Forro in Rio) and training with the most varied and renowned style professionals (Hugo Silva, Daniel Marinho, Tau Macedo, Yse Góes, among others). As a teacher, he participated in the project "Forró é Vida" (Resende - RJ), gave workshops in different places within the city of Rio and outside (Resende, Penedo, Volta Redonda). He taught classes at Escola Carioca de Danças and currently teaches classes at the Ramalhos Dance Academy and at Grupo + Forró - RJ, in addition to regular classes with his partner Daniela Dias.

Daniela Dias - Carioca School of Dance and Group + Forró;

Facebook: Daniela Dias


Igor Aguiar - Ramalhos Dance Academy and Grupo + Forró;

Facebook: IgorAguiarDanca

Igor e Dani.jpeg
Nathalia Neves

Florida, United States

She started taking dance classes at the age of 3 and has taught Ballet and Jazz classes since 2011. Graduated in Physical Education and with a Pilates certificate, Nathalia currently works with applied stretching, 1: 1 and in groups, with a focus on improve mobility and achieve flexibility goals.

In 2017, she fell in love with the liner in Boston where she found a warm and welcoming community. There she taught forró classes at New England festivals and events with her partner, Wanderson Terterelho.

Youtube Channel: Click here

Evandro e Bianca
rafa m.jpg

Rafael Mendonça

Minas Gerais Brazil

Ballroom dance teacher for over 11 years, his studies are focused on the development of the body through eutony and techniques of physical and mental balance. He works applying these techniques mainly in rhythms such as Samba, Bolero, Tango and Zouk, his specialty. He develops and applies a teaching methodology with an emphasis on comfort, care, connection and body structure. He was the owner of Estúdio RM for 3 years and now participates in the dance school Inova Dança. Rafael Mendonça takes in his luggage the participation and direction of professional and amateur companies of ballroom dancing in the region of Uberlândia - MG, being responsible for developing and creating new techniques through his studies. Its goal is to elevate the sense of ballroom dancing. Between 2010 and 2018 he was the artistic coordinator of one of the most important congresses in Brazil, UAIZOUK, which already had the presence of the largest and most renowned teachers and thinkers of ballroom dancing today.

Evandro e Bianca
Laís Monteiro

Brasilia Brazil

The Brazilian Laís Monteiro, 26, is a Physical Education student at the University of Brasília and began her studies of the Latin genres in 2012 in the Salsa UnB project. He teaches Salsa, Reggaeton, Feminine Style and Bachata classes, standing out in the latter, Dominican rhythm increasingly practiced worldwide, where he is recognized for his sensuality, didactics and technique.

She acts as a dancer and choreographer in the group Salseras de Corazón, where she is co-producer and creator of projects aimed mainly at the female audience of Latin and ballroom dances. It promotes classes, tutorials, intensive courses, workshops (in person and online) and even a congress, PA'MUJERES, with the aim of teaching and improving techniques and style for the dancers, in addition to addressing topics such as autonomy, empowerment and sorority among women.

Evandro e Bianca
Evandro e Bianca

Isabel Loyola

Minas Gerais Brazil

Isabel Loyola, better known as “Bel”, started dancing forró at the age of 10 and working with dance at the age of 16, in 2012. This process took place at the Pé barefoot school and, during her career, she worked as an examiner, dancer, teacher and has traveled around Brazil and Japan giving workshops. After 4 years in school, he left to found, along with professor Lucas Bertão, his own dance project, which today is called Pira - forró school.

Pira was founded in 2016 and was born from the desire to build an environment to fight machismo existing in ballroom dancing and to create a structure and methodology that would provide autonomy, critical thinking and that would stimulate students' expression and creativity.

Bel works as a teacher and coordinator at Pira School and is a researcher in music, dance, politics, pedagogy and popular culture. All of these areas of knowledge have a strong influence on your work.

Facebook: Click here

Youtube Bel: Click here

Youtubel Pira: Click here

Mauricio Baptista

Toronto, Canada

Mauricio Baptista has 8 years of experience as a Brazilian ballroom dance teacher with a specialization in forró. He participated in the Pé Descalço school in Belo Horizonte in Brazil for 3 years, acting as a teacher and examiner, teaching varied classes and private students. He was champion, with professor Giselle Sabino, in the semi-professional category of Copa Brasil de Forró in 2013. Since 2017, he lives in Toronto where he joined professor Rita Gabriela Fernandes at Aruá Dances to help teach and spread the culture of forró in Canada .

Evandro e Bianca

Alice Rodrigues

Minas Gerais Brazil

Alice Rodrigue, 23, veterinary medicine student and forró teacher.

He started dancing in 2011, at the age of 14, at the Pé Descalço school after ending a cycle as an Olympic gymnastics and trampoline athlete, a sport he practiced for 6 years. In 2015, she was invited by the school team where she was a student to become a teacher at the parent unit. Along his dance path, he took the teacher training course offered by Pé Descalço, joined the school's examining team (which he has been part of for 6 years), was part of the group of presentations and reached the red collar (last level of the school). His main focus is Forró, but he also dances Samba de Gafieira, Zouk, West Coast Swing, Salsa Roda de Cassino and Pole Dance.

Currently he continues to work at the headquarters of the Pé Descalço chain and with private classes and workshops.

Evandro e Bianca

Valmir Machado

Minas Gerais Brazil

Professor, Dancer and Choreographer, born in Uberlândia,
joined the dance for two in 2005 at the academy Bailar Dança de Salão,
where he participated in shows, Cia and as a teacher for 05 years.
In 2010 together with Arthur and Renato he founded the InovaDança academy, in 2015 he
became the sole director.
Since then he has been acting as a director, teacher, choreographer and dancer.
Main Works during this period Dance Shows and Spectacles:
"A possible dream" show 2011;
Dance show InovaDança 2012;
Dance show InovaDança 2013;
"The four seasons" show 2014 and 2015;
Show "Souvenirs" 2016;
Show "InovaDança in the land of never" 2017;
Show "The thousand and one nights" 2018;
Show "Nights in the Arabs" 2018;
"10 years without Michael Jackson" show

Congresses and Workshop
Meeting of the stars - 2011 ~ 2019
Dancing New Year's Eve with Anderson & Brenda - Editions: 2016,2017 e 2018
Bachata Day in the years 2014,2015,2016 and 2018
His main research rhythm is "Bachata", a rhythm that led him to participate in
congresses as a professor and researcher in "Dominican Republic, São Paulo,
Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Recife, Fortaleza, Chile, Ribeirão Preto,
São José do Rio Preto, Brasília and others.

Evandro e Bianca
Rita Gabriela

Toronto, Canada

Forró teacher for over seven years, she taught at several schools in São Paulo, including Pé Descalço (São Paulo unit) and Forro Fuá. In mid 2017 opened a forró school in Toronto / CA (Aruá Dances) together with Mauricio Baptista, and in partnership with music producer Tambor Soul organizes monthly the largest regular forró party in Canada (Forrobodó project). He conducted several workshops and acted in events and festivals across Canada and the USA.

Also a Belly Dance professional, where she has been working for over 20 years, she seeks to incorporate techniques of this style within the forró, in particular body awareness, musicality and sensitivity, which provides differentiated control of the movements of the hips, torso and arms. Her base in belly dance also provided her with an understanding of forró and dance that goes beyond, which extrapolates to the field of identity assertion, autonomy and expression of her own personality in dance. Very observant and sensitive to the expression of emotions.

In addition to forró, he studied other types of dance such as Zouk, Samba de Gafieira, Salsa, Kizomba and Bachata. He also has knowledge in Afro-Brazilian dances, in 2018, he joined a Samba no Pé company in Toronto performing throughout the city at festivals and events.

For her, dance is a space for personal construction, self-knowledge, discovery, and constant improvement. The couple dance represents our way of relating to other people, it requires respect, friendly listening and dialogue, all without speech, only with body language. And when we dance, we can seek our truth and / or be facilitators for others' processes.

Evandro e Bianca
Anderson Carioca and Anna Diaz

Minas Gerais Brazil

Anderson Carioca and Anna Diaz are Graduates in Dance from the Federal University of Uberlândia, both like to think of Ballroom Dance differently, proposing a decolonial study from the intersection of some Afro-Brazilian Dances with the universe of dances for two. They intend to explore the body that is beyond movement, seeking to reconcile the dancing body with possible crossings that allow the creation of new body understandings for the content of the studied rhythm. They seek to contribute to the dance in a comprehensive way that is not just another sequence of steps. This merger proposes an exchange of teaching and learning where knowledge is shared and exchanged between all.

This partnership started a year ago and has been consolidating its work inside and outside Uberlândia, with invitations to teach classes at social events and Workshop, were also invited to participate in television programs as competition judges. In addition, this couple with their Cultural Producer, proposes to spread this dance practice to the general public of the city of Uberlândia and professional growth to anyone who may be interested.

ana e carioca.JPG
Evandro e Bianca
Carol Correa and 
Weslley Bittencourt

Rio de janeiro Brazil


Carol Corrêa started dancing professionally in 2010, dancer,
choreographer and teacher with professional registration at the Dance Union
from Rio de Janeiro. Participated in several works on television, show in
musical groups, taught samba classes and presentations in Argentina
and in Brazilian Zouk congresses and workshops throughout Brazil. Graduated in
BA in Dance at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro where
was part of the contemporary dance company at UFRJ - Dance memory
until 2015, in addition to participating in the Comunidança project teaching classes
of Brazilian Zouk. She is currently part of the dance research group
from UFRJ as a creative and researcher interpreter. Teach Zouk classes
Brazilian, Ballroom and Contemporary Dance at the Alex de
Carvalho, where he is also part of the professional company under the direction of
Rafael Oliveira. Champion of J & amp; J in the advanced category at the event
UaiZouk / 2019 and third place in J & amp; J in the advanced category at the event
Forro Music / 2020

We are a family owned and operated business.


Weslley Bittencourt started dancing in 2013 studying Jazz at
Andrezza Cruz Dance Academy, after one year started classes
ballet and ballroom dancing. In 2015 he joined the Alex Dance Center
de Carvalho giving continuity to his improvement in the dance of
salon, where today he is an instructor with specialization in Brazilian Zouk. Already
participated in shows, soap opera recordings, commercial videos,
competitions and participated in a front committee in 2014 by schools
Empire of Tijuca and Cats of Bonsucesso. Teach Zouk classes
Ballroom Dance at the Alex de Carvalho Dance Center, where
he is also part of the professional company under the direction of Rafael Oliveira.
Champion of J & amp; J in the advanced category at the UaiZouk / 2019 event, 2nd
place of J & amp; J in the advanced category at the Rio Zouk Congress event and
Forro Music / 2020 event.

Evandro e Bianca
Leh Oliveira

Brasilia Brazil

Letícia Oliveira, better known as Lêh Oliveira, born in Brasília, started dancing at the age of 11 when she found urban dances.

Her first contact with Forró and Dança de Salão was in 2011, when she also fell in love with dancing in pairs and soon began her career as a dance teacher in 2012.

She works with Forró Pé de Serra, Roots and Eletrônico, Samba de Gafieira, Brazilian Zouk, Salsa, Bolero, Soltinho, Bachata, in addition to other styles such as urban dances, Stiletto and sensual dances.

Lêh is currently studying Pedagogy and Physical Education and has been traveling around Brazil in recent years to participate in dance congresses, workshops and competitions: Itaúnas-ES, Salvador-BA, Curitiba-PR, Joinville-SC, Rio de Janeiro-RJ , São Paulo-SP, Vitória-ES, Florianópolis-SC, Porto Alegre-RS, Belo Horizonte-MG, among others. She had the privilege of taking classes with the main national and world dance references, such as the dancers of Beyonce, Jaime Aroxa, Pam de Brito and others.

Since his artistic career began, he has participated in more than 40 workshops and festivals around the world (Brazil, Europe and the United States) and has made over 60 performances for national and international scenes and theaters. She is a choreographer and director of the Banda Suprema of Brasília-DF and has participated in several artistic clips. He has a lot of experience with performances, concerts, presentations and production.

In 2017, Lêh taught in Brasília (Brazil), Boston (United States), New York City (United States), Cologne (Germany), Nice (France), Frankfurt (Germany), Lausanne and Geneva (Switzerland), Torino, Rome, Firenze (Italy) on its first international tour. Letícia believes that dance improves lives and is a precious instrument that allows to transcend. This is the philosophy on which she builds her original teaching method. During his lessons, Lêh works deeply on the development of consciousness and the empowerment of body and mind, self-confidence, connection with his partner, musicality and especially self-love. With that, bringing more love to the world !!

Evandro e Bianca

lilian Miranda

São Paulo Brazil

Lílian Miranda, also known as Tia Lílian, has had dance as a passion since she was little.
Mineira, but currently living in São Paulo, is a journalist, works in Marketing and is also
make-up artist, but she always tries to set aside time in her schedule to dedicate herself to dancing for
keep the body moving.
Throughout his life he strolled through many styles. At the age of seven, he joined Jazz and was risking
other options: Lambada, Folk Dances, Contemporary Dance (and of course, the Axé that he loves so much!),
until joining a group of Forró, at the age of 15, in a gym in the city where he lived, in
interior of Minas. The students in this class formed a group, which performed for one year in
shows by Forró bands throughout the city and region. After that, he paused the dance a little and
ventured more in the practice of climbing, until a fracture hinder ...
He returned to dancing in July 2014, when he already lived in Belo Horizonte and where he met Pé
Barefoot (and dived deeper into the Pé de Serra / Universitário style). That's when Forró came in
stronger in her life and has since been involved with the project. At school, he also had
contact with other rhythms like Zouk, Salsa (Roda de Cassino), West, Coast Swing and Samba.
She became a teacher of Forró in 2019 at the Pinheiros Unit, in São Paulo.
In this more secluded quarantine period, he invested in workshops of other styles of Forró,
Contemporary Dances and in various body knowledge workshops, to improve what
always seeks to bring to his dance (and teach): a lot of autonomy and creativity - always with a
smile on your face!

Evandro e Bianca

Natalia Militao

São Paulo Brazil

Natália started her career specializing in university forró, then she went on to learn forró pé de serra and nowadays she also studies the roots style. Your dance moves between the 3 styles and your methodology is for a corporal - conductor or led - that understands and can dance with any style, in fact, in the ballad we don't choose, right? In addition, its didactics gives the student tools and techniques for him to use and create his own style.


Passionate about dancing, one of her passions is teaching, teaching requires connection with people, attention to detail, understanding the individuality of each one, and this challenge of understanding each one and their difficulties, facilities, tastes and preferences that the teacher makes Natalia loves to teach, likes to teach in a relaxed way that is easy to understand. Graduated in advertising, she learned that adapting communication for each person facilitates learning.


Due to his passion for forró and teaching, in 2014 he opened his forró school, Fuá. In his career, he has taught on Brazilian television stations, workshops throughout Brazil and international workshops in France, Germany, USA, Canada and Chile, including face-to-face and online workshops. Today, his school is one of the best known nationally and

internationally and a reference in the market.

nati militao

Lawra Lopes

Londres, Inglaterra

Bachelor of Physical Education from Albert Einstein and Environmental Management Puc / Goiás
Training Ballroom Dance Teacher at Escola Jaime Arôxa / RJ
Formed by the MBB (Brazilian Method of Ballet) by Gisela Vaz and Estúdio Dançarte.
Olympic gymnastics was his preference for 6 years where he won competition on the floor in
Goiania Goias.
Specialized in Ballet for children, she worked as a teacher for 14 years in regular schools of Dance and Physical Education in Brazil. Coordinated the area of culture and dance at SEG / Goiânia school.
He worked at the Andrea Palmerston Ballroom Dance School in Goiânia/ Goiás.
Invited to the contemporary dance show Frida Kahlo where she performed as Frida at Teatro Goiânia/2018.
It was part of Musical Fame in Oakland.
It is part of the KRD (bachata group for competition) 2nd place in Berkeley and 3rd in Reno.
She was a teacher   at the Studio M / San Jose school where she began to work as a forró teacher. She was invited by the New York Forró Winter Edition to give a workshop. Invited by Forró Lengo Tengo Chicago to teach with Sorel.
Today he lives in London and continues to work in the field of dance.

lawra lopes
Ana Paula

Lisboa, Portugal

Born in Fortaleza, she has been playing forró since she was a child. From the age of 16, he began to dedicate himself to ballroom dancing at the Alex Amorim School, since then he has participated in shows in Brazil and abroad, events, TV shows and teaches Salsa, Forró, Bolero, Rumba and Rock Soltinho, sambas . Bi champion in the northeast stages and vice-champion of the national stage of the Salsa Open Brasil in 2007 and champion Baila Floripa Duo 2007, vice-champion of the Rey castro contest 2008 and 2013, lived  in são Paulo until 2017 and currently lives in Lisbon   is dedicated to studying  dance in a general context ..

Ana paula
Cloves e Tracy-2.jpg
Cloves e Tracy
Pernambuco e Bahia , Brasil

Cloves and Tracy started working together in 2021, having already taught classes in several workshops and congresses (Zouk in Feira - FSA/BA, Feria Course in Petrolina/PE, Connections in Salvador/BA, DNA Brasil – Recife/PE, Preview do DNA - Salvador/BA; ZoukSE – Aracaju/SE; Embrazouk Congress – FSA/BA; Floripa Zouk – Florianópolis/SC; Zouk Needs You – Rio de Janeiro/RJ; ZoukZin - Brasília/DF, among others). And they seek to keep the Brazilian Zouk scene growing and reaching more people. .


Tracy Nathallia Born in Caruaru/PE, but since 1999 she lives in Petrolina/PE. He started dancing through Ballet, even as a child. A few years later, he had the opportunity to discover belly dancing, a rhythm he studied for three years. In 2012, he began his career in dancing for couples. In 2016, she began to dedicate herself more and more to the study of Brazilian Zouk, being a monitor at the studio of Bruno Jardim and Paola Porto, also being part of the Dance+ dance company. An eternal student and apprentice, she always seeks to participate in congresses and events related to dance, having already studied with big names in Zouk Br: Ruana Vasquez and Walter Fernandes – Online Course for Teachers 2020; Renata Peçanha – Course for teachers 2021; Val Clemente and Vanessa Bonilha, among others. In addition, she recently began her studies in dance academically at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), studying a degree in Dance. Currently, in addition to acting as a teacher and dancer, she is a producer of dances, events, workshops and movements related to dance in her city. She is also part of some projects: Sertão Pé Quente / Danças no Velho Chico, Clan do Zouk and Zouk Needs You team and is also the organizer of the instagram Zouk no Vale, which aims to promote and develop Zouk in the Vale do Vale region. San Francisco.


 Cloves Mascarenhas Teacher/student of ballroom dancing, especially our daily Zouk. His first contact with ballroom dancing was in 2009 and 2010. However, he only discovered the dancing universe (balls, workshops, congresses and the like) and everything it represents in 2015. From then on, it was love at first dance! He works as a teacher, DJ, producer of dances, workshops, events and projects related to Zouk. He has participated in several congresses and workshops both to study and to teach. Graduating in automation and control engineering, industrial automation technician at SENAI BA. Training in dance by: - Renata Peçanha Teachers Course 2019 - Zouk Need's You Course 2019, 2021, 2021 (victory edition) and 2022. Participation as a guest, teacher, student or producer of several national and international conferences such as: Uai Zouk 2018 Swing Zouk Weekend 2018 Samba Zouk Fair 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Berg Congres 2017 Zouk emotion 2019 and 2020 Embrazouk 2022. Among many others It is part of the projects: - Dance Connection - Kizoukme - Zouk Initiative - Immersion in Zouk - ZoukMe - My Zouk - Embrazouk - Zny Team - ZoukinFeira Being from some creators; Zouk Initiative, Zouk Immersion

trac e cloves
felipe prgentino
Felipe Pergentino
Edmonton, Canadá

Hello! I'm Felipe Pergentino and I'm from Juazeiro da Bahia. I started dancing in 2018 and since the first day I was addicted to this beautiful art and I haven't stopped going after knowledge. Teacher since I was 18 years old, it didn't take me long to start giving my forró classes at the end of the same year. So it was until August 2021, when I moved to Canada. And since I arrived in Edmonton, where I live today, I've continued teaching forró and started to be interested in the deepest parts of dance: the connection, the feelings behind this beautiful art. With that I developed my dance style called "Dança com o vento" ("dance with the sauce"). Where, in addition to teaching techniques, I focus a lot on the way any dance technique is done so that such movements are made and passed on full of feelings and thus putting that "sauce" in the dance and making it much more delicious!!

mari meireles
WhatsApp Image 2023-11-07 at 20.13.10.jpeg
Mari Meireles
Salvador, Bahia

Mari Meireles has been sharing about Roots-style Forró dance in several states in Brazil, such as Bahia, Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Espírito Santo and the Federal District. 
In 2022, he went on his first international tour, visiting 14 countries such as Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Holland, Hungary, England, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Russia and Switzerland. 
Conscious, sustained and autonomous body is the main theme in his classes and projects such as the online course developed for led people (2023) and “fundamentals of Forró style Roots” for drivers and led people (2020). These teachings are taken online and in person in order to spread more and more joy and self-knowledge through dance in a light and fun way.

Igor Santos
Salvador, Bahia

Igor Santos is from Salvador, he started playing forró in 2016 at the age of 19 as an escape valve and has fallen in love with it ever since.

His journey in learning forró began with Dinho Argolo and then with Mardio Costa at the Chineleiros school, who later became a teacher there.

He has been teaching forró for 3 years and now teaches at more than one school in Salvador, at Forrozeando and “Ser-tão Roots”, of which he is the founder. He has already given workshops in other cities in Brazil, such as Brasília, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Juiz de Fora, Belo Horizonte.

In 2022 he was champion of the Forró Championship at Fenfit, professional category and in 2023 he was champion of the Forró Dança no Buraco do Tatu Tournament as a mentor in the professional category, both in Itaúnas - ES.

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